Tattooing is all about showing your inner talent by   

knowing your clients thoughts and vision,   

expanding the growth in tattooing industry teaching the best

Technique of tattooing with complete medical knowledge. 

Tattoo learning course includes the master Technics

of tattooing process that is lining, shading,

color shading, designing and 

with complete knowledge over the art of tattooing.  

Step forward to achieve the best translation of art.  



People know me as Mickey, one of the pioneers in the Indian tattooing industry. I take pride in the fact that all tattoos created at my studio are done by me, not by any apprentice. When you drop in to my studio, you will get my full and personal attention.


I started my studio in 2002. With 15+ years of experience, I am still just as passionate about my work as I was when I started 15 years ago. I believe that every tattoo is a story waiting to be told.


My expertise includes custom tattoo design and creation, rectification, touch up, cover up, cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent tattoos.


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Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Lip re-pigmentation
  • Vitiligo
  • Burns and Scars re-pigmentation
  • Scalp re-pigmentation
  • Eyebrows
  • Stitch mark cover up


Tattooing is all about showing your inner you and expressing your thoughts and vision, in 15+ years its been 12+ artist have turned there skills and dreams come true at Mickeyz Tattoo Studio, many of them think tattooing is just pick up the tattoo machine and start tattooing but get your fact correct, the tattooing involves focused mind, artistic vision, skin knowledge, Pigments Knowledge medical terms, electronic knowledge and over all understand your customers

The Process of learning tattooing is for 3 months + Academy period provides full and complete education on every aspects of tattooing which involves ( theory and practicals) on skin, pigments, medical and electronic Technic and teachings Artist will be certified with completion certificate.